Beautiful Bury Street – Central London Apartments

Located in glorious central London, 33 Bury Street was a luxuriously designed project which required Dalbergia’s high quality products to create perfect homes. With six apartments to furnish, Dalbergia worked with architects Morrow and Lorraine and interior designers Morpheus, to complete their designs and ensure the materials, fittings and finish were perfect. Morpheus’ designs created apartments that were exquisite and unique, boasting great quality through the style of the furniture and materials selected. Below is an image created by Morpheus of the outside of the building to help you visualise exactly where we were carrying out the work for our contractor, Forcia. 



From the architects’ and interior designers’ drawings our team used computer aided design to create a detailed 3D model of each component. This model was created to show the exact measurements and materials of each piece, as well as how the furniture interacts with the building. Our 5-axis CNC machine then cut each part of the furniture with the correct joints to ensure the fit and sizing was perfect. Dalbergia’s skilled craftsmen specialise in producing pieces with a flawless trim and smooth finish – something that stands out tremendously in our work at Bury Street. Below are photographs of the work we completed. The selection includes: wardrobes, media units, vanity units, shelving, cupboards, mirrors and bespoke bronze handles.

 Above: Wardrobes made with stained oak and white faux leather, finished with a brass opening handle. Each wardrobe section was fitted with LED lighting.

 Above: Wardrobes and storage units created using a Lati Veneer. Each wardrobe was fitted with a beautiful, bespoke bronze handle. LED lights and mirrors were also installed into a range of furniture pieces.

Above: More examples of our bespoke furniture created using Eco Zero veneers. The images show mirrors, shelves and cupboards each made and fitted by Dalbergia, matching perfectly.

The Small Details

Dalbergia are able to produce faultless, tiny details on their products and we believe its these parts of the furniture that make it special. The detail of the handles, edging and curved features are expertly produced by our employees and make a home stand out through uniqueness and quality. Below are a range of images portraying excellence in Dalbergia’s joinery.

Above: Photographs illustrating perfection from Dalbergia for the smaller details of the Bury Street project.