Professional Clients

We handle projects in excess of £500K and this figure is increasing as we continue to develop our systems to cope with larger and more complex projects.  We are also very happy to work on smaller residential projects that may require a simple piece of one off furniture, a kitchen, a cinema room or sofa.

We manage risk by using our experience to develop design detail and are happy to take responsibility for CDP items.  Our quotations are considered and detailed to help with the tender process.  We want your client to be delighted with our work and so we constantly strive to produce work of the highest quality with particular attention paid to material selection, veneer matching, assembly techniques and finishing.

Our 3d CAD system is linked directly to our 5 axis CNC capability and has been designed from the ground up specifically for woodworkers.  It is possibly the most advanced system available for the wood industry and we are aware of only a tiny handful of other users in the UK.  We believe that this really makes a difference as we have successfully automated the process of making bespoke hand built furniture.  Our furniture still feels individually made, it is all hand finished and we avoid detailing that is associated with mass production.

Please do get in touch and let our team start helping you deliver a better quality project straight away.