Dalbergia designs and builds exceptional kitchens as well as furniture for other rooms…

The creation of a bespoke kitchen is a complex process with a myriad of details that need to be addressed for the final design to work.
For private clients we guide you through the process to ensure you end up with a design that works and materials that are appropriate to your needs.  The kitchen is often the heart of the home and our focus on quality materials and finishes will give you a space that is a pleasure to use and live in.  We will communicate through accurate rendered images and detailed drawings so you can understand the implications of the decisions that you make.  We know that the quality of a Dalbergia kitchen far exceeds anything you can buy on the high street and due to the efficiencies of our design and wood machining it can come with a price tag that is accessible to most budgets.  We have recently opened a small showroom where we have installed some example kitchens as well as a wide range of samples of solid wood, veneers, paint finishes, worktops and other materials so you can come and see for yourself.

For professional clients with more experience of the process involved we work with you to deliver a quality product free from risk so your client gets the result they expect. We manufacture and install quality bespoke kitchens in quantity.  We have been involved in the development of a number of central London apartment blocks in listed buildings, manufacturing and fitting kitchens for up to ten apartments at a time.  These projects often require bedroom and other furniture as well, so we have the experience to deliver large and complex projects to the highest quality.

Our quotations and CAD drawings are clear and detailed.  We have fitters to install our joinery and are experienced at working on site with all the challenges that presents.

As well as kitchens we make furniture for other spaces including cinema rooms, bedrooms and bathrooms.