Solid Surface

Many people are aware of solid surface materials under the brand name of Corian, for which we are an approved fabricator. We make worktops and furniture using a wide range of solid surface materials including Corian, HiMacs, Avonite, Staron, Tristone, Minerva and Mirostone.

One of the huge advantages of any solid surface material is that it is able to be thermoformed or bent when heated. We are well set up for this sort of work using our oven and 5 axis CNC to create curved shapes.

Another great advantage is that with care joints can be made virtually invisible, which when combined with curves allows for some striking designs to be created.

Solid surface materials are used extensively for worktops both in kitchens and bathrooms and it is ideally suited to this application, particularly when combined with a sink in the same material. It is possible to achieve a seamless finish between sink and worktop which both looks great and is very easy to keep clean.