Dalbergia win another large contract

With 13 wardrobes and 10 kitchens and utilities as well as wall panelling and bathroom vanity units to design, make and install in central London we are going to be busy over the next few months.

The project involves matched veneers in oak and ash with panelling merging into kitchen and wardrobe doors.  We will try to post some photos of the works as they progress through the workshop.

Some kitchen details

 We are making a new kitchen for a client in Bromley.  It was difficult to narrow down the material choices but we got there in the end.  We used Tabu veneer Lati in combination with a silky smooth  lacquer finish.  The Lati is being used used to make a particularly nice larder cupboard with shelving, drawers and spice rack.  See some workshop images below.  We will post images of the kitchen when it is completed.



Dalbergia win contract to supply furniture for the Crown Estate in central London.

Through the main building contractor Dalbergia have been awarded a contract to supply in the region of 70 items of new furniture for a development of 6 apartments in a listed building in central London.  We will be working with leading interiors designers Morpheus to bring their designs to fruition.  Each apartment contains vanity units, mirrors, wardrobes, entrance cabinets and headboards.  We will need to develop the designs so they are ready for construction.  There are bespoke bronzed handles and hardware to integrate, extensive veneers to ensure consistency of colour and grain and matching as well as quality fabrics to work with.

The project has a very tight deadline so a great deal of organisation will be required to ensure production in the workshop matches our fitter’s requirements on site.

Dalbergia win contract to supply new cabinets for British Museum

The contract involves the careful removal from the Joseph Hutong gallery of 165 mahogany showcase doors. The job involves extensive renovations to the existing doors and also making matching doors and radiator panels from new. We will need to work with our metalworking subcontractor to design build and fit metal reinforcement to the doors so they can take new showcase glass, locks and seals. Not an easy task considering these doors are over 100 years old. Our contract is with the main building contractor but we are delighted to be associated with such a prestigious client. We will keep you updated with the job progress.

Some of the showcase doors in production

Dalbergia win contract to supply joinery for Asics flagship store on Oxford St.

Requiring large many panels of solid maple slats in a very short turnaround we will be able to use our 3d design and CNC capability to ensure everything fits together for the shop fitter on site. We are also supplying solid maple stair treads and maple balustrade. The job is progressing well and below is an image of one large wall which was sent up as individual panels with the Asics logo routed in.  This was achieved using our 3d modelling capability in conjunction with our CNC.